He does short jokes about Liberace, Richard Nixon, Paul Robeson, Sammy Davis Jr. and Sophie Tucker. Squalor has never guaranteed success; chain smoking at the Purple Onion never guaranteed creativity and ingenuity. From Indecency, he goes into the bits Custody/Get Even and Stag Film vs. King of Kings. Lenny Bruce walks on stage. He talks about food that used to be good for you but is now bad for you, pill addicts, and homosexuals on trial in Miami. He tells Catholics theyre lucky to have confession. He does Black Black Woman White White Woman. Allmusic critic Ken Dryden notes that while "fans of Lenny Breau are likely to be interested in all of his previously unreleased recordings, . What is possibly a different set has Bruce doing bit with Santa Claus as the subject of Edward R. Murrows show Person to Person. A third section begins. Bruce suggested Mrs. Kennedy wasnt trying to get help for the president in the photo, but instead was running to save her own life. Bruce speaks of his arrests in Los Angeles both for obscenity and for possession of narcotics. In the first section, Bruce riffs on what he is doing, testing the Sony Dynamic Microphone. Bruce talks about his obscenity trial and the police. Gleason was a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle who was an early fan and supporter of Bruce. He does We Did It to Their Mothers for Chocolate Bars. The first clip captures Bruces piece about doctors in old Hollywood movies, and continues with his bit Fay Bainter. They said it in a light hearted way. A lawyer that advocated for First Amendment freedom of speech rights, Albert Bendich, represented Bruce in court. Bruce does his bit Christ & Moses. Bruce does Christ & Moses before being arrested, as was audience member George Carlin, who refused to show police his ID. Once again Bruce was hauled off and arrested. He does a bit on the history of obscenity law, his bit Tits & Ass, he interacts with audience members and with accompanying musicians. Kennedy was assassinated later in the day. He does Thank You Masked Man, We Killed Christ and Christ & Moses. He does Thank You Masked Man, We Killed Christ and Christ & Moses. He mentions that journalist Dorothy Kilgallen is in the audience and talks about her. He does his bit The Christian God Has a Face, the Jewish God Doesnt. Judaism. Bruce seeks Bendichs advice. It all comes down to context, not the word. Bruce is in the midst of his King Kong bit. He does How Negroes and Jews Became Entertainers and talks about his scenario for a movie about Christ and the Good Thief. The next section is a montage of very short clips of bits involving drug use. He loses his place, then continues to Custody/Get Even, Divorce, and Deny It. He points out that the California statute 288a calls criminal many sex acts that he assumes the audience has practiced, and that the law made Caryl Chessman a pervert. The third section is another show, in progress. Also known as The Midnight Concert. Bruces bit People Dont Talk That Way to Judges is in progress. His sister and brother-in-law, Virginia "Ginnie" and Irving "Bud" Steinhoff would frequently work weekends at the club until 1960 when they took over management. The photographs document not only his professional career but also his personal life with family and friends. Why did you call him that? This collection contains sixty-five recordings on reel-to-reel audio and compact cassette tapes, all of which have been restored and digitized thanks to a grant from The GRAMMY Foundation Grant Program. He then talks about Lyndon Johnsons southern accent. (2) The recording abruptly switches to a different performance, in progress, (probably 1964, location unknown) with references to Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater. Bruce talks about who gets to judge, and does a riff on Sophie Tucker as a scolding mother. A discussion of Jackie Mason speaking out against censorshipin response to Bruces arrest for obscenity at the Gate of Horn days earliercontinues. Bruce introduces Levy to his attorney, Mark Blumenthal. There is an unknown third man present who makes a comment and asks some questions. Schwartz tells Bruce about his meeting with New York City License Inspector Herbert S. Ruhe. Were simply trying to make our ride, the best ride possible with what weve got. He does his bits Custody/Get Even, and Stag Film vs. King of Kings. The skit can also be seen in the movie Lenny, performed by Dustin Hoffman who portrays Bruce. A new set begins. In May 2003, the governor of New York issued Lenny Bruce a posthumous pardon, based on what he called the State of New Yorks commitment to upholding the First Amendment. He criticizes Chicago columnist Paul Molloy for being sanctimonious. Lenny Bruce died in August of 1966, but you can still hear his voice online. The fifth clip is his bit The Clap and was recorded during Bruces engagement at the Chicago club The Gate of Horn in November-December 1962. At The Purple Onion Lenny Breau, Don Francks & Eon Henstridge 10 SONGS 1 HOUR AND 7 MINUTES NOV 16 2004 Play Purchase Options 1 Introduction 02:29 2 A New Electric Chair 03:14 3 The Surrey With The Fringe On Top 05:27 4 The Newspaper Song 09:17 5 Gum Addiction 04:09 6 Tea For Two 13:18 7 A Gentile Sings The Blues 21:04 8 Work Song (Feat. Bruce does The Act Is Hugging & Kissing, The Clap. [2] Their interaction in Nat Adderley's soulful "Work Song" is amazing, with Breau providing a bit of percussion on his instrument as well. He discusses Jules Podell, his manager, Jack Sobel, Jackie Paris, Mort Sahl, and Burt Boyar. He does Las Vegas Tits & Ass. The next clip is a few seconds of a bit about how Englishmen can say crap and it sounds classy. He mentions a practice from the time of Christs crucifixion. He gives a rundown of persecuted groups, does Ten Thousand Asses (Tigers & Lions), then Shelley Berman & Chicago Shtarkers. Lenny Bruce was way ahead of his time. Out of prison on bail, soon he would die. He does Ive Never Been Inside a Negros House, Dick Gregory, Goldwater Talks to Negroes, Las Vegas Tits & Ass, The Best Man in the Tribe (St. Paul), Schmuck, Flashers, and Custody/Get Even and Deny It. Bruce is reading from a letter a woman sent him. In these voices he makes reference to beatniks on the Sunset Strip, a used car salesman who has a dog on the hood of a car in commercials (most likely Chick Lambert), a Senate investigating committee, Steve Allen and Phyllis Diller. Looking at the camera, Bruce talks very briefly about his reputation and the first amendment, the freedom of speech and how a law abiding citizen gets offended by his freedom of speech, but the irony is that he is within his own constitutional right to say whatever he likes, and that there is no law saying that he can not do so. Joel Lesnick and Sgt. In the third section, he plays the roles of the host of a radio talk show called Nightline, and of some callers. He had been featured nationally on the Steve Allen Show. He does the bit Divorce & Motels. He does some of his bit on Leopold and Loeb, then interacts with the audience. Conversation between Lenny Bruce and his mother, comic Sally Marr, with some guests, including Frankie Man (real name Frank Schneider). Conversation among Lenny Bruce, Phil Spector and Allen Ginsberg. He talks about the fallout from a joke about Cardinal Spellman, then does The Postman. He does Las Vegas Tits & Ass, then Would You Sell Out Your Country (Francis Gary Powers), Doing It Is Dirty and We Did It to Their Mothers for Chocolate Bars. To republish, copy the HTML by clicking on the yellow button to the right; it includes our tracking pixel, all paragraph styles and hyperlinks, the author byline and credit to the Forward. I heard two men, in their 50s, one brown and the other white, refer to their 3rd friend (who was also brown) as the the paki. He again talks to the cops. Then, as is the case today, you had to network, deal with the power-brokers, hold meaningless jobs and share . He discusses the Bay of Pigs and continues the Shelley Berman bit, tells Catholics theyre lucky to have confession, refers to the sex scandals involving Bill Tilden and Fatty Arbuckle and remarks that people are now walking out of the show. who was involved with narcotics. He does Goldwater Talks to Negroes, talks about prejudice and Lee Harvey Oswald. Men's voices can be heard--it's the police. At the end of his act, Bruce exasperates that the suppression of the word came from the power that people gave to the word. Bruce identifies in the audience jazz musician J.J. Johnson, and someone from the magazine Downbeat. Bendich had been Bruces defense counsel in his 1962 obscenity trial in San Francisco (Bruce was acquitted). The last three tracks feature tap dancer and singer Joey Hollingsworth with Lenny Breau as his sole accompanist. Bruce holds up a mens magazine (Rogue), does his bits on King Kong, Entrapment by Cops, We Did it to Their Mothers for Chocolate Bars, Adolf Eichmann, Infidelity and How to Relax Your ColoredFriends at Parties. But instead of being able to perform, he was taken back to the airport and deported. In this conversation, Bruce seeks Bendichs advice as to whether he has grounds to appeal his conviction on a narcotics charge in Los Angeles. As Bruce gained fame and popularity, he moved on from doing stand-up comedy at small strip clubs to performing in larger mainstream halls. (2) Bruce is in the midst of the bit We Killed Christ. As comedy relief, Bruce tells an anecdote, using a W.C. Fields voice, about the judge. People flocked from all over the city, and across the snow to see his performance. The show is known as The Berkeley Concert. Bruce is known to have had engagements at The Den in April and during the fall of 1959. (2) 15-minute section of a Gate of Horn show on December 9, 1962. Lenny Bruce died in August of 1966, but you can still hear his voice online. It contains the routines Jackie Kennedy Hauled Ass, To Come: The Verb Instransitive and Deny It. Talks about segregation, Perry Como. Language. He says he doesnt do bits anymore and prefers to cook and free-form it. Speaks of the judge in his San Francisco obscenity trial. He does Filipinos. See our full guidelines for more information, and this guide for detail about canonical URLs. But it comes down to society and yourself as an individual to take that powerful word that is currently suppressed, and change it so that it becomes normalised, just like the word shit. He does Marijuana, Guys Can Detach, Bestiality, and the recording ends during the bit Chicken. The tape ends during a passage in which the band is playing and Bruce is interacting with an audience member. Bruce gives permission for Levy to tape his show. He tells a story about having run into bandleader Les Elgart in Detroit. Speaks of daughter Kitty, James Joyces Ulysses, Judge Murtagh. Fundamentally, everything we have created, came from nothing thus, meaning that nothing has a meaning. Bruce begins by riffing with some audience members. He explained that he didnt care what people thought about the nickname because they arent there to understand. Politics. Jazz music starts playing on the p.a. He does his bits Shelley Berman & Chicago Shtarkers and Barney & the Hecklers, then talks about homosexuals on trial in Miami. Bruce talks about the fantasies that come to mind as he faces a Carnegie Hall audience for the first time. Literary experts were called as witnesses to support Bendichs claim. He does his bit on Barry Goldwater and his Jewish roots. morgans funny here's a ten minute set from my last time up at the Purple Onion.I love that venue, it has such history. He does The Romans Segregated Christians with Lions. He mentions his arrests for giving obscene performances in Beverly Hills, and says we should keep prayer in the schools because we need to understand people who have religious training. Please use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge to view this site. He does the bits Would You Sell Out Your Country (Francis Gary Powers) and Las Vegas Tits & Ass. His performance at Carnegie Hall took place two years before his 3rd appearance on The Steve Allen Show. The place is unknown, but is possibly the Off Broadway club in San Francisco. He praises Hugh Hefner, who is making it so that the nude female body is no longer filthy. Iconic Lenny Bruce Pin $ 10.00 Read more. Lenny Bruce - Equality (1961) - YouTube From Lenny's Carnegie Hall show, February 1961.http://www.amazon.com/Carnegie-Hall-Concert-Explicit/dp/B001VIK60E/ From Lenny's Carnegie Hall. (2) The bit The Reason We Left England is in progress. He refers to the fact that the previous Sunday hed only sold 500 tickets for a show at the Curran Theater in San Francisco, leaving 1100 empty seats. In the fourth section, he does rants as an irate pornographer and as an irate narcotics addict. He was 40 years old. Bruce does The Act Is Hugging & Kissing. When I heard them use the word, I took it in a light hearted way and asked Whoa! He does The Best Man in the Tribe (St. Paul), Custody/Get Even, Deny It, Are There Any Niggers Here? He does Are There Any Niggers Here Tonight? The file ends during Shelley Berman & the Chicago Shtarkers. Bruce contends that he was framed, and that the heroin reputed to belong to him was planted by White. He refers to his bust at the Gate of Horn (during the early hours of December 5). In the words of Professor Lou Gottlieb of the Purple Onion, himself no slight satirist of our cultural mores, "Lenny Bruce is a verbal Hieronymus Bosch." For the jazz fan there is the same. On Capitol Hill, there are 20,000 mostly young men and women who have tremendous influence but are rarely seen, they work in the background, without recognition and often for long hours with low pay. The ninth and tenth clips are variations on Airplane Glue, with the kid who sniffs glue appearing on Paul Coates tabloid TV show. He does his bit on Barry Goldwater and his Jewish roots. Leonard Alfred Schneider (October 13, 1925 - August 3, 1966), better known by his stage name Lenny Bruce, was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist, and actor. He does his bit The Christian God Has a Face, the Jewish God Doesnt, Ive Never Been Inside a Negros House and his bit on Barry Goldwater and his Jewish roots. The set is in progress. Bruce wonders whether it is the usual practice to confront performers before their shows. Some of the recordings are of a personal nature, such as the phone letters and private conversations between Bruce and his friends and family. The location is Club Renaissance in Los Angeles. Leonard Alfred Schneider (October 13, 1925 August 3, 1966), better known as Lenny Bruce, was a comedian, author, and social critic, whose corrosive and transgressive satire as well as his boldness in pushing the envelope of the laws of obscenity have made him an iconic figure in American culture. In 2014, Brandeis University acquired the Lenny Bruce collection from his daughter, Kitty Bruce, with a generous grant from the Hugh M. Hefner Foundation. He points out that the California statute 288a calls criminal many sex acts that he assumes the audience has practiced. The full recordings are available at Brandeis Universitys Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections Department. He ends by riffing about Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson. Opened in 1952, the Purple Onion ran for roughly 60 years before closing its doors in 2012. "I go away back with Rosie and that's not the Rosie I know," Allen, 65, told reporters Thursday at the Television Critics Association's press tour when asked about Roseanne's firing from ABC in May over her racist tweet comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape. He talks about Bela Lugosi and his son. He reiterates what Allen stated, that his current litigation was surrounded by a four letter word that started with an S and ended with a T. Bruce talks about undetected perverts, generational differences in sexual practice, and does his bit Chick Singer With a Gimmick. Filmmaker, Advertising, Social Specialist. After Lennys death, never would a comedian stand trial for the use of obscene language. He mentions his obscenity trial in New York (the Caf Au Go Go trial). But at that time of recording, Lenny Bruce was under litigation for obscenity by New Yorks [then] District Attorney (D.A. The show is known as The Berkeley Concert. The first is a variation on Chicks Are Boss. He does his bit on Barry Goldwater and his Jewish roots. Second part (of three) of a conversation among comedian Lenny Bruce, attorney Albert Bendich and journalist Ralph J. Gleason. Its deep within yourself who is offended by that particular word, not the word itself. (1) Final 16 minutes of the show on the night of December 4-5, 1962, known as The Bust Show (midnight performance). Via a dramatization of how his father used to hit him, he says he became acutely attuned to his fathers moods, and this in turn made him very sensitive to the moods of audience members (I know when youre bugged, I know when Im boring, I know when Im offensive). The recording ends abruptly, then continues (it may be the same performance, or yet another performance). Bruce performs various bits and speaks of: J.J. Johnson, the magazine Downbeat, Copacabana owner Jules Podell, Mafia-connected club owners, his manager Jack Sobel, Jackie Paris, Mort Sahl, Burt Boyar, How to Relax Your Colored Friends at Parties, Sophie Tucker, Ted Shapiro, Bill Stern, the Paramount in Brooklyn, Miles Davis, Leopold and Loeb, Don Winslow, scenario of a Jewish boy visiting home from military school, George Washington interviewed by Mike Wallace. Bruce begins by using the microphone in a gesture of benediction; in his New York obscenity trial that was interpreted as being a masturbatory gesture. Bruce also attracted attention for his edgy routines that often pushed the limits of good taste. He refers to the sex scandals involving Bill Tilden and Fatty Arbuckle. The file ends during the bit. He does Christ & Moses, sings a bit in Yiddish, and closes the set with Ben Hurs mother & sister. The recording ends abruptly. He does Communism/The Phone Company. Read another story from us:The Comedian who Passed Away Live on Stage. The trials for both violations resulted in deadlocked juries. November 16, 2004 10 Songs, 1 hour, 7 minutes 2004 Art of Life Records. The secondary goal is for Spector and Bruce to discuss Bruces upcoming engagement, financially backed by Spector, at the Music Box theater in Los Angeles. Bruce begins the set (possibly the first set) by saying Happy Friday and talking about the clubs owner, George Andros. He remarks that people are now walking out of the show. He does the bit Divorce & Motels. (1) The first recording is from June 26, 1964 and captures Nassau County New York Assistant District Attorney Norman Levy warning Lenny Bruce not to violate the obscenity laws of the state of New York during his engagement at The Cork N Bib Restaurant. On that day, Lenny Bruce was making his debut appearance at Carnegie Hall, a sold out performance. A series of short clips follows, date and venue unknown. and People Dont Talk That Way to Judges. Bruce refers to his attire, a raincoat, pants and mismatched socks. Lenny Bruce, head-and-shoulders portrait. Bruce holds up a magazine with a picture of a nude or scantily clad woman and asks, how can that chick be indecent? (3) The last section is a series of commercials, and possibly outtakes from commercials, for the Los Angeles mens clothing store Zeidler and Zeidler. "She was the most diverse and tolerant woman I've ever . (1) Bruce does the bit Flashers, then Snot. Lenny Bruce was way ahead of his time. He does Christ & Moses, Are There Any Niggers Here Tonight?, and Black Black Woman White White Woman. The first seven clips are variations on his routine on marijuana. He expresses frustration with the police. The recording starts with the show in progress. And as a society, we continue to go around in circles. The show is in progress. The last section is a series of commercials, and possibly outtakes from commercials, for the Los Angeles mens clothing store Zeidler and Zeidler. Shop The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. He talks about Barry Goldwaters Jewish roots, prejudice and Lee Harvey Oswald. Bruce mentions his bit Religions Inc. from four years earlier. Goyish. (3) Bruce does his bit on Barry Goldwater and his Jewish roots, People Dont Talk That Way to Judges. Bruce speaks about and reads from documents associated with his February 1962 arrest for obscenity in San Francisco, including Bruce's own letter to Judge Clayton Horn and tells how it resulted in his being charged with contempt of court. Performance by Lenny Bruce. He explains again that words are only offensive because society makes it that way, and it shouldnt be the case at all. Names like Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, Bob Newhart, and Phyllis Diller, either got their starts or made their debut at The Purple Onion. The sixth section is Tim Hardins song Lennys Tune, a.k.a. Bruce talks about his obscenity case, his February 1962 arrest for obscenity in San Francisco. He does the bit People Dont Talk That Way to Judges. Worn down by the repeated arrests and trials, Bruce turned away from general satire and talked more about his personal battles with the law and society. Most of these recordings are of Lenny Bruces stand-up comedy performances, and many are whole or partial recordings of the same performance (with variations in audio quality), or combination clips from various performances. Lenny Bruce had already made two previous appearances, so why the need to give him such a dedicated introduction? A community dedicated to those who are passionate about film. Why the four minute introduction? Bruce performs his bit about the history of obscenity law and Entrapment by Cops. More than 80 celebrities signed a petition demanding Lenny Bruce be allowed to perform, free from censorship and harassment. The Purple Onion originally opened in 1952 under the management of Keith Rockwell. He played around with the word, using it in the same context as he would do if the word was shit. On the same day, he had received a foreclosure notice, but his death was not a suicide. Bruce is in the midst of Shelley Berman & the Chicago Shtarkers. 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